Super Food for Diabetic

Super food for diabetic control

What to eat (and not eat) if you are diabetic ?

If you have Diabetes do you need to abstain from all  carbohydrates?

No If you are diabetic you need to modify your diet in fact carbohydrates account for up to half the body’s energy needs, Super Food for Diabetic. Healthy food is defined as food that provides you with the nutrient. You need to support a healthy body and get the energy it needs water, carbohydrates protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals are the main nutrients that’s make up the healthy and balanced diet, The foundation of diabetes management is healthy meal planning.

Super Food for Diabetic

So which foods deserve a regular spot on your menu?

These expert-recommended picks are some of the very best of the bunch. The Obvious root to Treating  diabetes is regular exercise and proper sleeping in time. Seeking right food may see a big task it’s all one need to know which Vegetable to eat which one to avoid, do you know in fruit low in sugar and rich in fiber and complex carbs are the Go-to-Food choice for diabetics.

Super food for diabetic

Instead of eating simple carbohydrate Eat more starch base carbohydrate,eat fruits in moderation one serving at each time two servings per day .

Consume Sufficient fiber Help to reduce Spikes in sugar level after meal your body carbohydrates absorption.

 Animal proteins for carbohydrate free Do not raise blood sugar level, But plant  based protein and dairy products contain carbohydrates, Maintain Healthy weight try to maintain healthy BMI, the heavier you wait the higher your diabetic risk.

  consult a dietician to better understand their nutrition and requirements.

SUPER FOOD For Diabetic control Through vegetables 

Kidney beans, Pinto beans and Dark beans are great wellsprings of vitamin A C E k and iron and calcium magnesium for diabetes. We as a whole need nutrients, proteins, minerals and minor components, Beans are wealthy in proteins and fiber, This assistance in your digestion and prevents you from getting into Insulin opposition.

 Super nourishment for diabetic. control green leaf vegetables are a decent wellspring of nutrient ABCK and B Complex nutrients and calcium magnesium phosphorus .Simply remembering green verdant vegetables for your eating regimen might decrease risk from diabetic .

Vegetable that are better for diabetics

1:  Broccoli

Super food diabetic one of the sound vegetable in the plant broccoli is a super nourishment for individuals with diabetics Healthy feast. is fragmented with green vegetable Cell reinforcements and host of different nutrients and new traind eating around one cup of cooked broccoli as a side dish, or in a green smoothie assists level out food with bringing down your blood glucose, while likewise giving you much-required energy

2:  Cabbage 

Stoutness Is the essential drivers of diabetes topping off with veggies assists in lessening with weighting misfortune dissolvable fiber has the few supplements in cabbage Who assists in diminishing with blooding sugar

Antioxidant present in cabbage delay the process of diabetic while also Slowing down the cell damage.

3:  kale

 kale queen of greens there pack with vitamin -c fiber antioxidants and a range of nutrients people with irregular blood sugar should have food high in vitamin c due to capacity to cure inflammation which is the major cause of diabetes adding them to your salad or the smoothie will protect your heart and detox your body.

4: Carrot 

super food diabetic Carrot is a non starchy, nutritious vegetable that ranks low in the glycemic index. Adding in your meal is never a bad idea when it comes to carrots. It has many health benefits .

Excellent source of Beta Carotene, While healthy carbs and vitamins helps protect your eyes and heart ,swap your snack with your baby carrot and keep blood sugar stable.


   super food diabetic Kidney friendly vegetable cauliflower falls under super vegetables, Cauliflower low on      carbs with full of nutrients potassium vitamins ensure stable  blood sugar level.


super food diabetic Asparagus is been used for healing then affect their nutritional benefit this exotic vegetable helps in digestive and pregnancy and lowering the blood pressure due to their low calorie high antioxidant potassium and soluble fiber content they have Found their way improve the diabetic friendly and eating them regularly as a side dish keep the blood sugar in Check by increasing the production of insulin .



This vegetable is bad for diabetic due to lots of starchy & calories carbs causes severe spike in blood sugar levels, this carbs break down into sugar and get released into blood stream causing blood sugar rise substantially if not kept in check this meal mistake can lead to long term heart problems to bring this level back to normal or even as a weight loss measure potato should be cutoff or replaced with cruciferous veggies 

2: CORN 

Having corn and carbs every now & then as side dish or salad adds just a right hand of sweetness in any meals of the day diabetic can enjoy different corn dishes with different varieties of topping. People with moderate to severe diabetics should avoid eating all together.

Mainly because corn contains carbs especially sweet corn converted into glucose in terms causes arries in blood sugar however not all is bad you can still enjoy corn in the form of popcorn without increasing the rise in glucose. 


Technically a fruit but traditionally a vegetable although they are in less carbs then potato Diabetic should be careful using this vegetable,small size roasted butternut about half a cup is great for diabetic friendly meals.


 Not a good as for diabetics Although they share a common ability to boost  serotonin is no go for diabetic This is because just one cup of small parsnip Contains 24 g of car 6 gram of sugar wichsh causes for sharp  rise in blood sugar frequent rise in blood sugar without regulation can lead to diabetes .


If you’re dealing with the diabetic it would be wise to avoid this vegetables.ranking  high in blood glucose monitor ,pumpkin are very sweet and cause sharp spike in blood sugar It is packed with an unhealthy carbs hat quickly get released in the  blood sugar stream and raise blood sugar pumpkin are especially beneficial for people dealing with vision impairment nerve damage and heart diseases however despite all of this benefits they cannot be enjoyed by wholeheartedly by people dealing with long term severe diabetes eating pumpkin in much control manner will keep your blood sugar at normal level and also  filling your cribings .


Vegetable juice claims on of the most populous  ways to to Detox but is not for everyone when its comes to diabetic vegetable juices are terrible choice, no matter how healthy they claims to be the problem is all vegetable are stripped of their central soluble fibers ,living behind a alot vegetable juice drinking this would raise the blood glucose vegetable juices a

Has become a quick trendy way of getting all the nutrients but they are also high in sugar content making them a no go for Diabetics.

Eating right and exercise will help from causing serious heart problems.

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