How to Reverse Aging

Eat one spoon Ghee everyday

There is a way to wrap Every cell in your body with another aspect of energy which we refers to as Ojas if you have generally sufficient Ojas it will wrap into every cell on your body you will not only be healthy will be bouncing healthy the well it could greatly reverse the aging process which we have in many ways documents through various scientific research and medical university recording there is there is enough evidence about this well I am living proof it enhance the aura within the system the cellular aura will go up and you will have a higher sense of a liveness In the system which becomes visible in the way to war you are to  people.

Varying intake of Ghee ( How to reverse Aging)

 How to reverse Aging It is not just by eating ghee at the same time if you eat ghee and carbohydrate together if you eat gee sugar together then its add as fat, but you eat just ghee or just a small morsel of food that you eat ghee in the beginning and it works more as a lubricant body ability to digest ghee is very low when ghee goes in by itself but when it is mixed with something else it goes it trends to add fats so in term of sedentary life that your that ghee does not make your fattenup in the way it works more as a lubricant in the alimentary canal eating ghee has been a part of Indian tradition living that aside.

The Importance of Ghee 

How to reverse Aging Its help the alimentary canal clean the one expect of being psychologically Health Is you must have colon if you have to go to an Ayurvedic doctor or Siddha Vaidya if you have any kind of problem even if you say you are mentally disturbed first thing that they do to you in you  have Sleepless Night first thing they do to you to is to purge you because the clean Colon vital for all these things so one who consume ghee in a proper manner that person colon will always be clean because nothing sticks there nothing stay there for long period of time ,today a colon cancer, intestinal cancers Are becoming so big I would say it is not that you can prevent this absolutely but the incidents would be much lower if there is a certain amount of composition of ghee and the ghee must be of the right quality I don’t know what commercial ghee that people are eating today but if it is a properly made from the cow milk or even a buffalo milk is made it has many important benefits  if you are healthy Your life could be about many things but if you are not healthy life becomes just about health, that is not good way to leave.

Benefits of Eating Ghee 100-Year old Ghee

How to reverse Aging Ghee is buried in a clay pot in to soil 100 Years because when Ghee is staying in soil  for 100 years that much long time some molecular changes happens with in the Ghee is rich in Ojas it is rich in Tejas and it is rich in prana because ultimately the pure essence of vate dosa is pran pure essence of pit is tejas and cough is Ojas and its cellular level ojas tejas prana they maintain cellular metabolic activity cellular intelligent and flow of communication pran is flows of communication so at cellular level Ojas tejas prana they are operating the cellular life to this 100 years old Ghee is the best medicine for eczema soraisis,even if consume eternally can heal ulcer colitis many disorders even autoimmune diseases so this propose promote ojas so ojas tejas, prana these are three important factor they maintained the life of a single cell single cell can live longer, so ojas is a energy which is not physical in nature if are incubated in cell your recovery or ability to be beyond what physical things do to you.

Ghee increases the digestive fire

Ghee is excellent for stimulating gastric fire. If the gastric fire is kindled by the fuel in the form of ghee, then it cannot be suppressed even by the too heavy food.

Considering the importance of wholesome food is general, ghee’s role in increasing the capacity to digest food is very important in the Ayurvedic Preventative health without proper functioning of Agni no benefit can be gained from food and talking result from poor digestion are involved in many disease,our strenght and quality of life for totally dependent on having good Agni,one are two tablespoonful of ghee in the food not only provide Nourishment to the body it itself but also increase a capacity to Nourish the body with food.

Ghee nourishes both body and mind

Ghee’s Sweet nature is responsible for increasing all body tissues Ojas, Semen, breast milk promoting strength, normalizing the blood and lymph as well as being beneficial for the eyes, hair, and skin. In Ayurveda,the sweet taste is the only taste  to stimulate anabolic growth activity, increasing all body tissue due to the predominance of the earth element.Of utmost important is the fact that he increases Ojas in the body which are underlying basis of immunity and the essence of all body tissues.

Ghee lubricate other foods

First rule of eating is that it should be warm. (Ayurveda does not favor a predominance of raw, cold, and heavy to digest food!) Second guiding principle in that food Must be  unctuous or oily so that it is not only delicious but also provokes Agni getting, digested quickly, and also helping the downward movement of vata dosha,such unctuous Food also has the effect of increases the plumpness of the body strengthening sense faculties promoting strength and brightening the complexion, Ghee has the quality of of oiliness which make it nutrient lubricant and smooth.

Ghee plays a key role in recipes

Ghee Is viewed as a superior cooking fat in that it doesn’t burn during cooking and like butter and fats which are liquid at room temperature according to Ayurvedic tradition ghee when fried with Spices, takes the properties of those Spice and diffuse them throughout the food, Ghee also provides the soothing and cooling effect helping to offsets the irritant effect of chillies and Spices, Ayurvedic Principal of diet planning  emphasize Neutralizing any kind of toxin which is likely to be present in the food or generated during its metabolism, In ayurvedic recipes the ingredient work well together However if there where any incompatible food item this would be taken care of Ghee also aids in elimination and neutralization of any toxin and toxic effect.

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