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I am Working since 2008 as a Nutritionist, We are professional team with 15 years experience building team & product.

What do you do in nutrition? Nutrition is a science that investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to food and diet and the role of nutrients in the cause, treatment, and prevention of disease.

Nutrition is the study /f food and how it works in your body.


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What to eat diet plan?

Nutritional benefits Eating lots of vegetable and fruit This is on the most important diet habit choosing whole grain food Eating protein foods, but Eating the right amount of nutrient on proper schedule to achieve the best performance and longest possible lifetime in a good health, So Nutrition maximize health and happiness and well being to improve your athletic performance a well and nutrition can have a profound, Good optimal nutrition habits can reduces your risk of developing diseases and disorder like cancer diabetic and heart diseases it can also make it easier to lose fat mass and to gain muscle mass which is what is optimal for good health tissue quality so thing like nail skin hair and teeth good nutrition support those particular tissues join health is a big one especially as we get older, because Good optimal nutrition can reduce your risk of developing arthritis and other generative joint disorder and lastly if you’re an adolescent and you’re in growth period and good nutrition can support that growth and development, so that can reach your full potential so the day to day impact on optimal.

Routine Diet Habits

1. Vegetarian food nutritional benefits

2.Only 45% uncooked food nutritional benefits

3.Preserving proteins in veggies by eating them raw nutritional benefits

4.Stay physically active Exercise swim and take oxygen for nutritional benefits


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