7 Features in Dry Fruits for Good Health?

Dry Fruits contains vitamins and minerals. It has many essential elements like Potassium, Magnesium, calcium, zinc phosphorus, and various vitamins very rich in fiber. Dry fruit plays a significant role in human life one can reduce weight through dry fruit. Nutritional experts always suggest eating dry fruit in the early morning As a snack for a healthy diet. Eating dry fruit on an empty stomach is good for health, especially building muscles and strong bones. Dry fruit is a perfect daily diet and is very good for glowing skin. Dry fruit good for heart patients, almonds and hazelnuts are excellent for heart patients.


 Dry Fruit Almonds have been a propeller diet since the Ancient world. One should take Almonds 32-35 grams daily to Protect your healthy heart. Almonds are low in calories and you are considered one of the best dry fruits Fondly called the king of dry fruit It is recommended to consume early in the morning for best results. It should be taken in your breakfast every day to improve your bone density to protect you from fracture.

   . Rich In Magnesium vitamin B protein amino acid

   . Help you lose weight &  boost your brain activity

   . Helps in Skincare

   . Almonds are bone building superfood

 2 FIGS:

 Dry fruit FIGS is considered to be very good for health. This fruit contains a wide variety of vitamins and essential elements like zinc, phosphorus, Calcium, Potassium, and all-important Antioxidant Properties. Eating figs daily can increase fertility, improve sperm count and build body muscle. It protects the body from physical stress and helps the athletes to shape Up their bodies, Handful of figs & nuts after a workout from a gym may provide protein fiber & Essential for muscle recovery & supply a complete source of good energy.

  . Fig is safe for the heart due to antioxidant 

  . It has multivitamins and minerals

 . Not allowed for sugar Patient

  .  Helps in blood pressure due to excess Quantity of Potassium.

3 Dates:

The Date is highly Nutritious and the Healthiest fruit found in tropical areas. It is rich in iron, fiber, and vitamins, and it helps reduce weight Because it contains very little fat. 

   .  A significant amount of fiber

    .   Hi Sugar content with high calorie

   .  Helps in increasing sexual stamina

       .  Excellent natural sweetener

4 Apricots:

Apricot has vitamin- A Beta carotene this both are good for the Muscles of the eyes. This has a good quantity of antioxidant levels. In addition to This also enhances and Detoxifies your skin, Apricot saves you from various diseases, improves your energy levels, and keeps you fresh and energetic.

   . Apricots have lots of fiber

   . It helps in reducing weight & heart-friendly 

  . Helps in Constipation

5 cashews:

Dry Fruit Cashews are very healthy for the heart as they contain a low-fat content presence of Magnesium, which helps keep Lower blood pressure. It also eliminates free radicals, cashew nut also helps in Preventing cancer in addition to this the presence of Magnesium helps maintain healthy bones and teeth.

   . Preventing from Gallstone

        .  helps in weight loss

    .  It assists in the growth of the body and is suitable for digestion

     .  It helps in relaxing and pleasant sleep.

6  Pistachio:

 Pistachio has lots of Potassium. This fruit has antioxidant amino acids and is low in oxalate and  Excess and high in oxalate responsible for kidney stones and arthritis, it also controls cholesterol levels, which helps keep the heart healthy, control disease and protect from cancer 

   . heart healthy snack,contain phosphorus,high in antioxidants

   . It contains arginine amino acid, which is healthy for blood vessels, improves male sex     power 

   . Pistachio is also Good for brain health.

7 Hazelnuts:

Hazelnuts are highly nutrient-rich and are now considered a superfood by individuals due to their increased nutrition and health-promoting abilities. This is also easy to add to your diet and is very delicious. Try to enjoy them, contain many different types of Vitamin minerals and nutrients that play a vital role in keeping us healthy and energized. 

     . Reduces heart disease

    . Hazelnut has powerful antioxidant

    . It has anti-aging effects and disease-fighting abilities

   . Boost Your metabolism and reduce weight.

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